3. Oktober 2023

SNEK Introduces Groundbreaking Deflationary Mechanisms: Can It Drive Price to ATH?

• SNEK blockchain platform is launching seven new deflationary mechanisms.
• These deflationary mechanisms include ETH to SNEK bridge, VacuumLabs game, weekly raffles, Sssnekpool and Discord roles.
• The platform will also have a novel asset – SWAP Paima and a user interface overhaul.

SNEK Blockchain Platform Launches Innovative Deflationary Mechanisms

SNEK blockchain platform is introducing seven cutting-edge deflationary mechanisms with the short-term goal of strengthening its platform. This includes the ETH to SNEK bridge which has already converted 20 ETH, with 1.07% of it earmarked for burning. In addition, there are plans for a novel asset – SWAP Paima and a user interface overhaul.

VacuumLabsss Game & Weekly Raffles

An exciting addition to the platform is the VacuumLabsss game expected to launch in June, allowing players to participate using ADA tokens. To stir up community engagement, SNEK is introducing weekly raffles promising 80% of the winnings to a single fortunate participant with the remaining 20% dedicated to burning until the smart contract platform is integrated into the SNEK website.

Official SNEKE Stakepool (Sssnekpool)

Set to debut this weekend, the official SNEKE stakepool (Sssnekpool) will dedicate all its profits to buying and burning SNEKE coins while exclusive rewards such as Discord roles will be provided to participants staking with SNEKE tokens when it goes live this weekend.

Website V2 & Legal Experts Onboard

The upcoming Websssite V2 expected by June’s end will serve as the nerve center for Snek ecosystem facilitating activities such as Swapping, participating in Minigame or entering Raffle contests . Meanwhile there are legal experts onboard for potential CEX listing and ongoing marketing campaigns that include murals in Lisbon, meme database and art contest initiatives .

Will It Drive Price To New ATH?

Only time can tell if these innovative deflationary mechanisms from SNEK will drive prices up towards new All Time Highs but one things looks certain – this could be an exciting summer for crypto enthusiasts!