3. Oktober 2023

Earn Crypto and Build a Brand: Golden Inu Launches New DAO Ecosystem!

• Shiba Inu ($SHIB) has spawned a rival with the launch of ‚Golden Inu‘, a new crypto ecosystem that pays users to work and share jobs.
• This metaverse company & digital currency is structured by alliances of citizens within the „Golden Horde“ who will control its direction.
• The platform offers tasks/jobs to complete, earning money from a community funded treasury.

A New Crypto Ecosystem: Golden Inu

The Shiba Inu Killer is ready to show its rival how to create a crypto ecosystem. Golden Inu is a new metaverse company & digital currency that rewards users for working and sharing jobs. It’s “safe” because funds raised will be used in a transparent manner, and decisions about the project will be controlled by an alliance of citizens called the „Golden Horde“.

Earning Money Through The Quest

The official name of Golden Inu’s tasks platform is known as ‚The Quest‘. Through quests, users can earn money from a community funded treasury. The types of quests available are determined by each alliance within the horde, including ‚Khans‘, ‚Frontier Force‘, ‚Code Warriors‘, ‚Narrators‘ and ‚Visionaries‘.

The Alliances Within The Horde

Each alliance within the horde has different tasks to help build the brand. Khans are selected experts within their field who are responsible for executing tasks in their horde. The Frontier Force handles grass-roots marketing campaigns while Code Warriors develop web3 applications for the evolving ecosystem. Narrators provide content needed by the Horde and Visionaries create innovative solutions for future development projects.

A Safe Meme Coin For Everyone


Real-Time Community Platform

Finally, Golden Inu offers users access to a real-time community platform which allows them to interact with each other and complete quests together or individually, depending on their preference. With this platform, users can come up with innovative solutions for future development projects and have access to tools that can help them grow their influence within this evolving crypto ecosystem..