3. Oktober 2023

Blockchain Revolutionizing Leisure and Entertainment: Crypto Poker and More

• Blockchain technology is being used in the leisure and entertainment sector, with applications ranging from poker to pharma.
• 90% of US and European companies in the entertainment space are “assessing their blockchain options”.
• Blockchain can streamline TV and media production, as well as facilitate online payments for casino games.

Increasing Use of Blockchain in Entertainment

For the past decade, spectators in the finance and tech markets have looked at crypto and blockchain, asking if and when it is going to enter the mainstream. It looks increasingly certain that this future is now here – 87 percent of businesses in the US and Europe have already evaluated blockchain use, while 90 percent of those in the entertainment space are assessing their options for its application.

Streamlining TV & Media Production

The digitalization of content has blurred processes for TV and media companies, making it harder to control content and monetize it effectively. Blockchain can help by eliminating much of this red tape that hampers large projects – investors like Parkpine Capital are investing heavily in entertainment-based crypto startups to help reinvent business functions.

Crypto Payments For Casino Games

Casino games have been some of Bitcoin’s earliest adopters, with cryptocurrency becoming a mainstream payment method across many US casinos thanks to its efficiency. This growth potential comes from its ability to facilitate online payments quickly without sacrificing security or reliability.

Poker & Pharma Use Cases

Outside of the traditional gambling sector, other industries are also using blockchain technology – poker is one example, where cryptos allow players to quickly pay each other without needing an intermediary or centralized platform. Additionally, pharma companies can leverage blockchain’s secure data storage capabilities to track drugs from manufacturing source through distribution channels all the way until they reach patients’ hands.


Overall it appears clear that there is huge potential for blockchain applications across various sectors including entertainment – from streamlining production processes to facilitating payments quickly without sacrificing security or reliability – making these use cases worth considering more deeply by those looking for a competitive edge within their respective industries