3. Oktober 2023

7 Cryptocurrencies Making Positive Environmental Impact: IOTA Leading the Charge

• This article talks about 7 cryptocurrencies that have been at the forefront of adopting sustainable strategies, with IOTA leading the way.
• These projects are utilizing low-energy consumption technology to tackle environmental challenges and build sustainable solutions that promote environmental protection initiatives.
• Examples of these projects include IOTA, Hedera, Theta Network, Chia Network, Cardano, Solana and Algorand.


Sustainable blockchain projects have been at the forefront of new developments in the blockchain space with IOTA leading by example. As the crypto industry continues to mature with greater user adoption, more and more projects are moving towards building sustainable solutions. Here are 7 cryptocurrencies that are strong on the sustainability front.


IOTA is a network that aims to tackle environmental challenges by utilizing low-energy consumption technology. One of its key innovations is the IOTA Tangle, a secure data record that stores environmental information. This enables organizations to make evidence-based decisions and effectively manage natural resources. In addition, IOTA actively collaborates with various stakeholders to create collaborative platforms for preserving ecosystems and combating climate change.


Hedera is a public network that stands out for being highly sustainable, using very little energy compared to other networks like Ethereum. According to a report by the University College London, Hedera consumes 3,300 times less energy per transaction than Ethereum does making it one of the most environmentally friendly options available in the market today.

Theta Network

Theta Network is an incentive layer protocol built on top of blockchain technology which provides users with rewards for providing bandwidth resources when streaming videos online or sharing storage content over their networks without having to pay expensive fees associated with traditional streaming services providers such as Netflix or YouTube Premium subscriptions . It also operates on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm which requires much lesser energy than mining based algorithms like Bitcoin’s PoW consensus model .

Other Projects

Other notable sustainable cryptocurrencies include Chia Network , Cardano , Solana , and Algorand . Each project has its own unique approach towards addressing sustainability issues while also providing users with innovative ways of leveraging distributed ledger technologies for efficient transactions .